Season 2 Episode 12: The one about fear.

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May 10, 201958m
Season 2 Episode 12: The one about fear.
May 10 '1958m
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Want to see the full episodes first? Head over to to be the first to see our latest Sibling Rivalry Podcast Videos! This week we're at YouTube Studios Podcast Booth and the queens discuss fear and challenge each other to do a bird box inspired makeup challenge. Watch the challenge by tapping the link below! Starring: @BobTheDragQueen @MonetXChange With executive producer @MitchFerrino Director of Photography: Jared Roybal @jaredr79 on Instagram Director: Cheyenne Picardo @onethatgotaway on twitter @theonethatgotawaypictures on Instagram AC: Marco Andre Sound: Noriko Okabe

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