Meat Part III 'Crete

Episode of: Shut up a Second

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Sep 3, 201532m
Meat Part III 'Crete
Sep 3 '1532m
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In which our heroes build houses using Edison’s famous mould, crumble under pressure and conclude the fan favourite Meat rhyming trilogy with Meat Part III: ‘Crete… as in Concrete. It’s a heavy journey as the gang attempt to seal everything with concrete, plug up their orifices to enable space travel and most importantly discuss the bear code. Jackson shows off his newest sculpture ‘Inside a Cow’, Tessa dreams of a world where nothing floats and Duscher just wants everyone to know how Clay Pigeons work. So join the gang as they weigh up the pros and cons of filling everything in the world with concrete and inevitably put Tessa in jail with ghost cows. It’s a solid, solid time because everything is hard and grey in this fresh hell. Want to help fund a gallery to show off Jackson’s new works? Head to and for as little as $1 a month, you can help make a difference in the art world. And don’t forget to get your free audible book download and a 30 day free trial at there’s probably at least thirty-eight books about ethically concreting a cow.

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