Oct 27, 201735m
Shroom for Two Episode 6: No Brainy November
Oct 27 '1735m
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Hello, Heroes! Welcome to episode 6 of Shroom for Two, the Plants vs Zombies: Heroes podcast!

This week, Mike conscientiously objects to Rustbolt's war on fun, we answer a boatload of listener mail, and brew up a pair of budget Re-Peat Moss decks!

If you've got some listener mail for us, please send it to us at shroomfortwopodcast@gmail.com!

Show Notes for Episode 6

2:09 No Brainy November
3:55 Listener Mail: Flowers
7:10 Listener Mail: Bamboozle
9:45 Listener Mail: New player crafting
~15:00 Listener Mail: f00gers thinks we're cool
 - The decks
17:23 Listener Mail: Re-Peat Moss
 - Mike's Grass Knuckles deck
 - Taylor's Captain Combustible deck
21:26 Card of the Week: Jack o lantern
27:41 Card of the Week: Elderberry
30:01 Card of the Week: Fireweed


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