Feb 9, 20180m
Shroom for Two Episode 20: The Refightening
Feb 9 '180m
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Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to another battle edition of Shroom for Two! This week, we show off the decks we built after the archetype draft in Episode 17. We played a 5-match series against each other, and put it up on our YouTube page!

In lieu of our normal show structure, we record a few minutes of preamble, then instruct you to pause the show and watch the matches. Then, after the matches, restart the show to hear our after action report!

We'll be back to our normal format next week. Keep sending in Triassic Triumph-related questions to shroomfortwopodcast@gmail.com!

Show notes for Episode 20
 - The YouTube playlist of our games
 - Mike's decks
 - Taylor's decks

Stay tuned after the show to hear about Philadelphia being weird after the Super Bowl!

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