Oct 7, 20191h 4m | se1 : e45
Your Money or Your Life? An interview with Bryan Nunes, Author of Blown Away and Owner of Blo Salon
Oct 7 '191h 4m | se1e45
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Your Money or your Life? An interview with Brian Nunes, Author of Blown Away and Owner of Blow Salon

In this interview, you’ll hear from Bryan Nunes who is the author of the book Blown Away, what pizza, pot and walk around the world taught me about leadership.

In this enlightening conversation, he shares the belief systems and habits that keep him feeling free of financial handcuffs and helped to create one of Raleigh NC’s most prolific salons. Blow Salon is currently a 4,000 Square Foot space housing over 40 team members. But it did not begin that way. Join us for this episode as Bryan recaps the journey and shares the wisdom of nearly 30 years as a successful stylist and salon owner.

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