Apr 22, 201944m | se1 : e20
Using hair extensions to turn transition into opportunity! A conversation with Kd Cobb @iamkdcobb
Apr 22 '1944m | se1e20
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KD Cobb is the top producing hairstylist in a company of over 130 hard hitting salon pros.. But that was not always the case. After a location change KD found herself needing to accelerate her growth, it was then that she discovered how powerful adding hair extensions to her service menu could be for her clients hair, and her income. 

While 1 in 4 female clients struggle with fine or thinning hair many stylists struggle having this conversation, feeling too awkward to bring it up. In this conversation KD shares the exact verbiage she uses to start this crucial conversation that offers her clients the hair of their dreams! Today, 75% of her clients have used some form of hair replacement or enhancement service and that number continues to grow!

When she is not behind the chair KD travels the country for Easy Hair Pro and is the lead Hair replacement trainer in the Salon 124 Group. 

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