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Teaching Men To Love with Dr. Herb Goldberg
Mar 2 '111h 0m
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In the recent advent of women's liberation, women becoming more independent, sexual and vocal, women joining (and in many cases overtaking) the workforce, and taking on more and more masculine-esque roles in general, men are just as confused and lost as ever when it comes to male-female relationships. Why is it that men are so lost when it comes to women, sex, love and relationships? What is it about women that men just don't get? Join Mou on a journey Dr. Herb Goldberg as he takes us on a course through Manhood. Dr. Goldberg will explore with us the main patterns men keep repeating, and the few key ingredients which continue to elude and sabotage men from finding the love and life that they want. Dr. Herb Goldberg is a professor, acclaimed author and Psychologist.He has written 8 well-known books including What Men Still Don’t Know about Women.

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