Duena Blomstrom- Get Shit Done - Serial Intrapreneur

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Sep 25, 201726m
Duena Blomstrom- Get Shit Done - Serial Intrapreneur
Sep 25 '1726m
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Duena Blomstrom is not known for having patience with inaction.  She likes to make decisions and move forward.  But she does have a keenly practical side and a  deep curiosity for what makes people work inside of organizations.  She uses her energy, drive, and insight to make big things happen in banking (an industry that could make a snail impatient). As the Head of Growth at Temenos Marketplace, Duena is driving a big new innovative engine of Fintech change to help move banking toward the customer centric, fast, safe, smart, and personal experience it should be. On top of her work at Temenos, she is busy writing her book on Emotional Banking.  Based on her very popular blog, it tells banks how to rebrand.  It addresses key shifts that banks need to implement to make them responsive to customer behavior and innovation. Produced by Rachel Morrissey, Senior Producer, Provoke Media

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