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Dec 4, 201720m
Aaron Phethean: Thinking is action - Serial Intrapreneur
Dec 4 '1720m
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Aaron Phethean has always liked to tinker.  He grew up in a relatively small town and he spent a lot of his childhood building his own projects from spare parts-  bikes, rockets, etc.   He was given time to think, identify problems, and come up with solutions.  That is basically what his job at Temenos is.  And in that job thinking is an action verb.   Thinking through the logic of the actions, thinking through the process, is part of the process or creating new, innovative, and important changes inside and outside a company. As the director of the Temenos Marketplace, he continues to build a project he envisioned six years ago.  The Temenos Marketplace is Temenos platform for fintechs- allowing them an easier route to market and creating a place where banks can find the technology they need to scale their innovation.   Aaron proposed the marketplace 6 years ago, realizing that having an "app store" that banks could go to would be an ideal solution for the burgeoning fintech startups and for the banks looking for trusted solutions. Bio: Aaron Phethean is a Product Director for Temenos, with responsibility for all activities around APIs and Open Banking. Since joining Temenos in 2006, he has met with 100’s of banks and been deeply involved in dozens of product launches, core banking renovation projects, and digital channel initiatives. Aaron is a keen innovator and regularly contributes to open source projects, blogs, and knows first-hand what is takes to make the successful leap from idea to execution. When he’s not trying to build great software, you’ll find Aaron riding mountain bikes in extreme conditions and often at eye watering speeds. Aaron is originally from New Zealand, currently based in London.   Produced by Rachel Morrissey, Senior Producer, Provoke Media  

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