Episode 84: New Masculine Project

Episode of: Self Care is Sexy

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Apr 11, 201953m
Episode 84: New Masculine Project
Apr 1153m
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@newmasculineproject As toxic masculinity pushes itself into the national spotlight we are faced with a more and more urgent dilemma to act against patriarchal structures that foster this toxicity persisting through generations. From Brock Turner and Brett Kavanaugh to mass killings by men who believe they’ve been slighted by women, toxic masculinity continues to alter the lives of many, instilling fear and distrust across the nation. The New Masculine Project is a conceptual effort to develop a collaborative and inclusive framework for addressing the issues of toxic masculinity within Riverside County, and for providing a hub through which different groups and individuals can coordinate and educate in our mutual goal of changing the way we think about, engage with, and express masculinity.

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