Episode 36: Heather from 1/2 Size Me

Episode of: Self Care is Sexy

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Sep 21, 201738m
Episode 36: Heather from 1/2 Size Me
Sep 21 '1738m
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Heather is a hard working mother of three boys who has had some major weight loss success, in addition to losing it, she is the queen of keeping it off and even has an amazing book about weight loss maintenance called “The Art of Weight Maintenance”! She has some real time success tools for getting your self-care in, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her show called “Half Size Me” is a collection of topics and success stories to give hope to others. She has, weekly live webinars, a community membership, courses on time management and one on one coaching. You can check her out at www.halfsizeme.com.    

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