Did You Want Attention for That?

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Feb 4, 20191h 19m
Did You Want Attention for That?
Feb 4 '191h 19m
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How weird is it to use a towel as a tampon? Are hazelnuts advanced nuts? Welcome to another episode of Secret Keepers Club! The cuties Carly and Emma discuss the differences between a having a cult and a community. One of them can’t handle the pressure of leading a cult, while the other graciously steps up to the challenge with a lovely day to day outline (think coffee, watering plants, and making a lil lunch). Before diving into questions the girls consider what kind of brilliant mind invented uncrustables!?! What booze gets you the most drunk? And, Carly does a killer devil impression while Emma reminisces about fluff sandwhiches. AND OF COURSE A BRAND NEW FMK! Write in your secrets and questions to secretkeepersclub@gmail.com, rate and review on iTunes and if you are on facebook: join the Secret Keepers Podcast group!

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