Conceived On A Bridge: A Bridge Baby’s Tale

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Sep 6, 201836m
Conceived On A Bridge: A Bridge Baby’s Tale
Sep 6 '1836m
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Listener Jessica discovers she was conceived on a bridge when she plays Where Do You Think They Were? In turn she receives a happy birthday message from all her favourite BBC Radio 1 presenters. Jax Jones popped in to deliver his montage of farts. A fartage. This was inspired by a guy in America who filmed himself farting over a 6-month period. He got the sack from his employer, so we stand with him in support. We in turn, give Jax Jones a gift, our Ring Ring (Donald Trump Edit), mixing clips of Trump failing to connect to the new Mexican president on the phone. Meanwhile, Chris plays a genius prank on Scott because after 27 days he has still not returned the suit Chris hired for him. Chris drafts in Dotty to call Scott, pretending she works for the suit company and that Scott has racked up a bill over £1000 in late returned fines.

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