E43 Exposing Sorority Recruitment

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Aug 13, 20191h 5m
E43 Exposing Sorority Recruitment
Aug 131h 5m
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 This week we are talking ALL about sorority recruitment. Tips on what to say, wear, and look out for during rounds. We also reveal a few secrets of how it works on the other end so you are well. prepared to do your best (25:42). FTB this week is about how to deal with your girl when she starts crying. Sober and drunk, we know it's a lot to deal with, and we'll give you the best advice on how to get through it (51:58). Ellie reads an unwanted drunk sext she received the night before while out (12:00). WMTSTMTW is about how you have to stop compartmentalizing your relationships and realize that people can be more than one thing to you (16:10).


crying (51:58) 

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