EP. 14 - Mayday Parade (Derek Sanders & Brooks Betts)

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Mar 1, 20191h 3m
EP. 14 - Mayday Parade (Derek Sanders & Brooks Betts)
Mar 11h 3m
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Welcome to Sunnyland. Emo pop-rockers, Mayday Parade are our guests on Episode 14 of Sappenin' Podcast! Vocalist Derek Sanders and guitarist Brooks Betts open up on their thirteen year journey as a band, their latest album, new music, trying to keep fresh, the evolution of emo and pop punk music, working with John Feldman, video games, Back To The Future, reminiscing on A Lesson In Romantics and a whole lot more! You're about to feel things. Plus  Sean and Morgan answer YOUR question in a Patreon exclusive Q&A. Join them to find out Sappenin' this week.

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