What ever happened to Madison Cawley?

Episode of: Same but Different

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Jan 22, 202048m | se1 : e2
What ever happened to Madison Cawley?
Jan 2248m | se1e2
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From my first impression of Madison being a questionable one, I've since been exposed to the unique realm of semi-relevancy Ireland through social media. With 15-minute of fame and viral videos being more prevalent than ever, I uncover the realities of teenage internet stardom from an old favourite, 'just Maddie things'. 

From my own experience of self-employment with a heavy reliance on my followership and engagement, I can empathise with the daunting fear of irrelevancy. Although Madison is not dependant on her following anymore, she discusses how she now feels like her following is a 'waste' and as a society it is blatantly clear that followers are the new currency and having traction online can have a huge impact not only on your social status, but your income or career opportunities. 

We discuss, to my surprise, the extremities of online abuse, first impressions, lesbianism and dating with having an online presence. I hope you enjoy this episode as I did making it, happy hump day !!

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