SFR 207: My 2019 Goal...

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Jan 11, 201935m
SFR 207: My 2019 Goal...
Jan 1135m
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Boom, what's going on, everyone? Steve Larsen from Sales Funnel Radio.


I am excited for this episode. Well, to be honest, I'm actually freaked out. This is my 2019 goal.


I've spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today. And now I've left my nine to five to take the plunge and build my million-dollar business.


The real question is: how will I do it without VC funding or debt, completely from scratch? This podcast is here to give you the answer.


Join me and follow along as I learn, apply, and share marketing strategies to grow my online business using only today's best internet sales funnels.


My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.


What's up everyone?


Hey, so every single year I do this, and it's the scariest thing I do every single year. This is my fifth year in a row of doing this.


If you wanna see the past goals I've made year by year, you actually can find them on the youtube channel. You go to,  and it'll take you to the actual youtube channel. If you want to check it out there - you can see the playlist of my previous years' goals.


Well, every single year I do this. And I remember the first time I ever did this. I was in this place of desperation. I was going into the army. In fact, you can see I have a shaved head. There's almost no fat on my body for some of those videos in there.


I remember sitting back and just thinking, “I'm tired.” guys. I'm tired of not having what I wanna have. I need to start doing things that are more drastic. And that's kind of what I was going through in my head at that time.


So I grabbed my computer, and I literally had traded funnels for the computer I was using. Actually no, not at that time. I don't even know that I really knew what a funnel was when I made that first video.


When I think back about it. I was taking a lot of traffic courses. Yeah, okay, that's what it was! Wait a second, so at the time what was going on, I was probably at business try, let's see, that was around number eight or nine, maybe ten.


I was a traffic driver for Paul Mitchell.  I’d had my first thousand dollar day, and it blew my mind. I was like "Holy Crap!" I was working with another guy at the time, we split the check, but still, $500 in a single day for me, I had never done that. And I was super blown away, guys. That was nuts. Absolutely insane for me.


We were living on a grand a month, basically, I believe. Something like that, anyways. It was hardly any money. And I was tired of it.


We’d been married for three years by that time and I was sick of being poor.


You can actually hear me in the very first thing say that: "I'm tired of being poor. "I'm tired of not having the things I'd like to have. "I'm tired of not having a lifestyle."


And honestly the biggest internal reason? I was tired of feeling like I couldn't provide for my family. I was sick of all of it.


I was like, I need to start doing bigger things. I need to start doing big, drastic things in my life that are the big disruptive activities that literally catapult me to new levels.


So the new goal that I made, the huge big goal that I made that very first video, five years ago, again you can see it, and you can see the progression year by year, which is crazy. I never thought I was starting a thing by doing this. But you can see, the big goal, I wanted to just do an extra thousand dollars a month.


I was like, “If I could just do,” and I didn't know how. I was like , “If I could just do a thousand dollars a month that would radically transform our lives.”


...I mean, we would eat a little bit better. We would eat more. We could actually eat in general. I was just sick of it. I gotta be honest with you guys.


Looking back on what's happened in the last five years, first of all, is ridiculous. I didn't really figure out the game for the first two years doing these videos.


Then two years ago I was like, “Oh snap, the pattern's everywhere”... and then this last year, I decided to actually test the pattern, and I left my job. Scary, scary, scary stuff.


But when I think about it and the things that have propelled me, I actually wrote this on my window. It says Play Angry. I'm not an angry guy, but when I remember back to what life was like before I started doing this stuff…


I worked my face off, guys. I worked so freaking hard. I know the reason why stuff has happened really well in the last, especially two years. It's 'cause I worked really freakin' hard.


I only took two days for Christmas, and that's not necessarily a badge of honor. I actually wanna change that, and that's part of what I want to talk about for my goal for this upcoming year, but I work hard. I work really hard. I just get after it.


Nine times out of ten, I have no idea what the plan totally is. I'm just taking action. I'm just doing stuff.


So as I look back at the things that have really kept me moving forward, like, “Yes, there's this strategy, that strategy... Remember to do this before that...” That's great, and it's helpful.


But 80% of it is just me remembering the crap that I was going through and what life was like without having known or doing the things that I'm doing now - which sucked. I mean, “Oh my gosh, life was hard.”


...So I'm excited for this. I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually nervous about this. I hate posting these videos. It's one of the reasons I do it: I hate it. It freaks me out. I don't want to tell you all my goal.


I don't wanna account for every previous year every single January. I hate New Year's resolutions, I think they're stupid. Why am I gonna do that once a year?


At the end of every single month I think through the goal, what I'm doing next month, I make sure that all the things and activities I'm doing are heading me to that target more closely. I'm not doing that once a year, that's stupid.

So, anyway, I guess an effort for me to accept a little more of that resolution thing is to do this.


If you guys have never seen me do one of these episodes, or declare my goal publicly - what I do is I account for the last year.


It's not to throw mud in anyone's face. It literally is so you can go back and watch:


  • Year #1: Here’s Stephen when he had no money and was completely broke.


  • Year #2:  Still broke. He still hasn’t figured it out.


  • Year #3: Still broke, but it’s a lot more breakeven.


  • Year #4: Wow, lotta cash coming. Oh, my gosh.


  • Year #5: Stephen left his job... Holy smokes, why? What did he learn?


I'm trying to be super freakishly transparent in a way that’s not that popular anymore. It's not me saying, "Woe is me. Look how weak and vulnerable I am." No, no, no, no. Not at all. That’s NOT the point.


I'm trying to do is document everything I'm doing on the way so that you can see my journey.


Being broke was one of the most painful things I've ever been through in my life. And it almost had nothing to do with the money. It had everything to do with my feelings of inability. It wrecked my brain, guys.


It sucked, I don't want to feel like that. That's something that I'm really afraid of. I'm open to talk about that...


So I worked my face off, and after applying a few of these patterns, things really started to work. And then things really started working.


Anyway, so at the beginning of this I always go through and account for last year, and then tell you what my goal is going to be this next year, fiscally.


There's really only two, maybe three goals that I ever set. EVER. Anyway, so I'm gonna go through the fiscal goal for this upcoming year, and then my plan to get it. Which I'm really pumped about.


There's something that I, this episode is a little bit different than the previous ones that I've done where I just kind of say the goal. I want to tell you what I'm trying to do and... there's a gap, guys. There's a hole…


Literally two days ago, I realized that it was starting to appear in me. And I think I know how to fix it, but I'm freaked out about this one area, and I'm gonna solve it. It's just been really challenging.


So anyways, I'm excited about this though…


'Kay, so here it is, okay?


# January 1st, 2018, I left my job. And just to be clear, I had NO team. I had NO additional revenue at all. I had absolutely zero. I didn't have a product. I wasn't running any funnels, I didn't have a script.


Guys, I left with nothing.


I'm actually shocked how much hate mail I got by leaving ClickFunnels. Which is stupid, by the way. That's my choice, no one else's.


But when I left ClickFunnels, the reason I did it was because I had been coaching so many people in the Two Comma Club coaching program at ClickFunnels, that I started seeing these patterns of what was making somebody successful and what wasn't.


There were these holes and these gaps. And I was learning how to do is fill in those holes. Regardless of the product, the price point, or the industry that anyone was in, I was able to go through and figure out, "oh my gosh, this is how you fix it!"


I’d create my own framework and drop it in front of them, and BOOM!


I helped create a lot of millionaires in that program. Literally. A lot of hundred-thousandaires, which is still really good, and tons of people made money for the first time in their life on the internet.


I started getting better and better, and better, and better, better.


I'd already been doing the Two Comma Club coaching program for over a year at least, probably almost a year and a half by the time I left ClickFunnels.


So there were two reasons why I left ClickFunnels:


Number one:  I just knew in my bones I'm an entrepreneur. I just know that, and I'm trying to be more true to myself. I'm trying to find me. And I know that I'm an entrepreneur.


So the longer I stayed at ClickFunnels, regardless of how amazing it is over there and regardless of how dumb it looked for me to leave, and how cushy and amazing and plush and secure that job was... it wasn't me. So I left.


I had to grow some balls and just do it.


So number one, I had to get out of there.


That was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made in my life. Okay, literally. And it still hurts. It’s hard that I only live like three miles away from ClickFunnels, 'Cause I just wanna go in sometimes, and be like "What's up? You all are awesome! Hey, can I just hang out for a bit?"


I tried really hard not to be that kid that just won't leave. You know what I mean?


So I just didn't show up for the first three months. 'Cause I didn't want to be like "What's up guys, how you doing? Hey, remember I said I left, but I'm not leaving. How are ya?  So I left... and really made sure I left.


Number Two: The second reason was that I’d become very confident in the frameworks I was producing. When I was coaching, I knew that if people just did it, they would make money - eventually.


There might be some in-between things that they need to fix, which usually had to do with their personality and NOT my framework. But eventually, it would work.


A lot of good marketers do this, guys. You gotta think about this, right? I started asking myself the question…


I remember this was June 2017, and I started asking myself the question: “What is something huge, like really big, like the biggest thing I can think to have to go through to prove that I know this stuff?”


Straight up, I don't know, what's the word, prowess.  I was trying to, not as a "look at me," but it was to prove to myself and others that I wasn't just building funnels in the corner.


I knew there was more. I knew there was more. And I knew that my frameworks worked. So I started asking myself the question: “What's something that's so big that it would be hard for people to not notice me?” You know what I mean?


Again, it's not like an out of a "look at me!" mentality. But it represented so much - because of all the crap I had gone through. And all the stuff that had gone on in my life up until that point.


I was like, “I need a crucible.”There needs to be this big event. What's the craziest thing I could fathom going through to prove to myself that I could do it? Almost like going full circle and healing parts of me that weren't healed about what I had gone through. You know what I mean?


...And then especially, “How can I prove to myself that what I am teaching?” I know it works!


If I go to the gym and I'm like "Hey, I wanna lose weight," I will never hire someone who's overweight, right? I don't want to be a hypocrite and be the guy who's teaching stuff that he hasn't done…


And that really got in my head, and it started giving me a complex.

I knew that what I was teaching worked because I was seeing other people do it. But I hadn't done it. And to me that's freaking blasphemy. It's like, it's so stupid.


I'm never gonna hire somebody who's broke to teach me how to make money...


I follow the principle of the guy who has the biggest cheese. Sausage number one man. Right, who's the guy, who's the lady, who's the person out there who has done it so much, right, and they can teach it so well because they are speaking from experience?


I wanted to be that kind of person. I wanted to prove that my frameworks work.


So I thought to myself, "Self, what if you left your job with no assets, no income, no funnel?”  Like, this is freaking extreme! I know it is. And I'm not recommending that anybody do that.


For me, and where I was, that was the right answer.  I was like "That's insane." And I went back and forth for a few months like, "Are you kidding? That's stupid, dude! Why would you do that? You're gonna leave?" And like, “Yeah, but it's the ultimate, it does work."


How do I know?


Because I jumped out of a moving airplane with no parachute and built it on the way down.


Again, scary, risky, risky like crazy. That's risky.


And so anyways, I'm super proud. I obviously wish I had made more this year. Who doesn't wish that? But I'm really proud that it worked. And that I knew the frameworks and the models and the formulas to make the game work so well that I could do that.


And again, not like a beat on the chest, “Look how great I am!” But you see what I'm saying?


It was really important for me to prove to myself that I could do that, and for whatever reason, me and my personal development and growth needed that.


So anyways, what I'm gonna do really fast is I wanna walk through what happened last year,  what I'm gonna do next year, and how I'm gonna do it.


...And then there's something that's kind of freaking me out a little bit and I'm trying to figure out how to solve it. And I think I have the answer but I'm not quite sure.


Anyways, let me pull in my whiteboard here. My trusty whiteboard. Okay, check this out. Here it is. Let me just make sure there's no glare. Let me look over here at the camera. Alright…


So last year from January 1st to December 29th at 9pm mountain time... (I held off a little bit to record this episode 'cause I was trying to flet December end out)... I did $850,000. Well, $850,353, and 87 cents - which is cool.


Last year, if you watched the video for 2018's goal, I was like "I'm gonna go make a million bucks." And like, I saw that and I was like, “Crap!” You know. I was like, “Yeah! No!” Like, “Yes! No!” Superbad. I was like, “NO!” … because of THAT.


So I'm super stoked, I did 850 grand out of the gate:


  • No team
  • No funnel
  • No product
  • No system


The only thing I had been doing was publishing = big lesson in that.


I had done 100 episodes of Sales Funnel Radio at the exact date that I left ClickFunnels, I believe. The show hadn't even done 100,000 downloads when I left ClickFunnels; we're now at 250,000 downloads of Sales Funnel Radio.

Last I checked, but it's growing by almost 2,000 a day now. Which is awesome. So that's cool, right? That's me accounting, being totally open and really vulnerable.


When I left ClickFunnels, I followed my own formula and made 200 grand really fast out of the gate. And then, I got freaked out, guys.


January and February what happened was, there was a lot of cash that came in. And I’d built funnels for revenue, but I hadn't built systems for a business. So I was the business. And it was hell, I'm not gonna lie, guys. It was so nuts.


March came around, which was Funnel Hacking Live, and I turned off pretty much every revenue stream because I was like, "Shut it down, shut it down! I need to go set up this stuff.  I gotta go put these things together.”


So I started putting together all these systems and all this stuff like, support. And then Coulton moved down. And I started putting all these people together because I couldn't handle the speed that the revenue was coming in.


I couldn't fulfill fast enough which is scary because the people were like "Oh, it's a scam!" And “It's not a scam, I just can't keep up.”


Trey Lewellen went through a similar thing when he sold that many flashlights. You know what I mean? Crazy, crazy, crazy.


So I slowed everything down…  and a lot of March and April was a lot of more biz building which was exciting, but it freaked me out, guys. I was trying to keep it cool but man, I was so scared because there wasn't a lot of revenue coming in.


At the beginning where it was like 40, 50, 60 grand a month, somewhere like that, it was like like 10, 15 grand, and I was like "We're gonna die in a gutter. Maybe this was a stupid mistake!" You know, "What have I done?"


So, I was so scared, but I knew the process and I just kept true to it and kept blocking out the noise. And when I turned everything back on, we were back up to 50 grand, 70 grand, and then, five months in a row of hundred, hundred, hundred.  I was like, “Holy Crap!”


Last month in December we didn't hit the hundred. It's funny man, people go on holidays and everything just kind of shut down. It was totally a slow season, I didn't know that. But I'm so stoked though.


And then what also happened, is we were pulling in so much money there that again, I had to stop things and slow things down.


A lot of December for me has been business building and systems building. So I've been building these things that’ll make it so that I can move faster in 2019.


So here's the sting, guys. Here's the sting


I did 850 grand, collected. Check this out. Man, I was so pissed off when I saw this.


I was just quickly running through my accounts receivable,and we're getting another big chunk of cash again either today or tomorrow. Okay.


Check this out:


  • Collected = $850,000.
  • To Collect, (meaning the business is there, we're just collecting it still) = $156,000


Man, that's a million dollars!


That's six grand over a million bucks. No, no, no no no!


I was so mad when I saw that. I ran downstairs to my wife and I was like "Look,  that + that  = that’s over a million! What! Like why didn’t I set up more systems?”


Anyway, it was super cool, BUT like, a massive slap in the face.


When I tell you guys the market will always tell you what to do - it just did! I was like "No!"

The market's saying: “Stephen, you don't have the systems in place yet to collect enough of the money upfront in some areas of things that you provide.”


There's some really high-end stuff that I go and I do. I just get so excited about doing the thing I didn't have everything set up  - which is stupid.


...but how would I have known unless I looked. Unless I listened to the market. Unless I was willing to fail... you know what I mean?


So was it a failure? “No, but Yeah.”


By the numbers, yeah. Was it really? No.


Did I do something really risky? Yeah. Did it work? Barely. You know what I mean?


So I'm excited guys, I can't describe to you the feeling of accomplishment that I have with this.


If you guys have been following me at all, I mean there's been many, many moments where, I'm not gonna lie, a little man-tear happened, okay. It flexed on the way out so it's still manly, it's cool.


...But there was a little bit of a tear there and I was like "Man, you're crazy, Stephen. In fact, you killed Stephen. You're Steve now."

A lot of you guys are asking me what you can call me; you can call me, whatever....


But anyway, this journey, this year has been of insane growth in many areas. I've learned:


  • What did work


  • What didn't work


  • Where I should tweak stuff


  • Where I need to go next


  • I know what to go build next.


...And I know, because of pain. I couldn't have foreseen some of the things that I need to go fix, which is why I needed to leave ClickFunnels. You see what I'm saying?


I would NOT have known, "Hey look, when you move into this area watch out for this and this and that."


I wanna be the ultimate litmus test for what I'm teaching people.


So, risky? Totally. oh my gosh, yeah, yeah. Not that risky though, because of what I do and what I did.

Don't compare yourself to me if you're like "I'm NOT willing to leave my job."  Yeah, then don't. I'm not telling you to, okay? But what I'm so stoked about was, “That would've been a million dollars. No! Dang it!”


...Because I, technically, have two businesses, I didn't get a Two Comma Club award this year for my stuff, but both of them, we got the stuff to make 'em work really well, you know? It's freaking close.


Anyway, so I'm being open with you guys about what happened, and what didn't.


I’m trying to be the ultimate guinea pig on a lot of the stuff and test guru's material out.


And Russell Brunson's is the closest material that I've ever found where it's like ready out of the box, you know? It's not that way for other guru's stuff.


I want to be long-term. I want to have the reputation like that for my material. Not like, "Yeah, when you go to that person's stuff, it's great and it's really helpful, but you still need X, Y, and Z to actually use it."


I don't want that. I don't want that. That's why I made OfferMind and I made that event because it was me going through and showing the framework.


I have a very framework, systems-focused brain. And I love going in and pulling those things out and showing:


  • Look, this is how I did it


  • This is when it worked


  • This is when it didn't work.


...and being that kind of person.


So anyways, going forward, my goal for next year - which is scaring the crap out of me. Which solves half my problem I'm gonna get to in just a moment here. My goal for next year, though?


If you watch the pattern, a lot of what I've done for these goals is the first year was $1,000 a month. Then it was $3,000 a month. Then I think is was $5,000 and then $10,000.


This last year was a million bucks - which is $82,000 a month.


This year, though…


Man, I'm telling you guys, I don't totally know all of the path on how to get there, but I see enough of it that I think it's gonna work. It’s scaring me to death.

Ready? Here we go. You can see that, right? Yeah, okay. Four million dollars.


I've tripled the goal almost every time.


And that's where I've gone from one to three, you know. Then this to that. Four million, though, that's the goal! Gosh dang it, that's really freaky to say to you guys.


I know the systems that are gonna be in place. I gotta have more of them. A lot of what I need to set up in order to actually make that happen.


I gotta have a better phone sales system. I'm noticing that that's a big issue of mine. I don't have that many closers. And there's not much of a system and a script set up for that stuff.


This year for me has been a lot about the methodology I use and I teach that you need to enter into and design a new ocean with a single product.


Once the idea has been proven then you go and you can develop all the things inside of the value ladder to go explode it and expand it and actually plant your stake there.


Okay, so for this year…


I’ve  accidentally kind of become the category king in two different categories. One of them was purposeful; the other was completely accidental.


The business I lead with, my major, major passion, is Offer Creation. Just since OfferMind, collectively, those who attended, they've made hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lot of money.


I know this stuff works.


It's NOT one person is just killing it, that's a lot of people. And a lot of people who have never made money ever.


I continually get a lot of people that are like, "Man, I made my first 10 grand ever. 10, 30, 30, 30!" And I'm like, "Yeah! What's up?”


Pretty sure you guys made more money collectively than I did - which is awesome and I've very proud about that, actually.


I made more money doing the thing than teaching the thing. That's also very important to me as well. I focused on that a lot of this year.


So what I'm pumped about, you guys, is that I have gone in and I've developed these two businesses.


I have a front end business and I have a back end business:


#1: I teach offers, and I help people create their offers. I build off a lot of 'em, and a lot of people are in need for that. That's one of the major missing loops I was seeing in what I was coaching in the Two Comma Club coaching program.


And so I was like, “I'm gonna go be the offer guy.” And because of Russell Brunson and Myron Golden and Alex Charfen, and a lot of guys that I was being super vulnerable and open with…


They were like "Stephen, dude, you geek out about offers more than anybody we've ever seen in our entire life; go be that guy. There isn't a guy for that. Go be that guy."  I was like, sweet. So I'm the offer guy.


I've proved out the idea into that market.


How did I do that? By OfferMind.


Now that I've got that, I have a product up here. There's actually gonna be a second one up at the top. And then there's a whole bunch of cool front ends.


So on top of all these, proving the idea in front of the market, that's a lot of what this year was about. It's not so much about cashing out. It was about me proving out the systems and the things that I was teaching -  that they work.


If you look at Alex Hormozi, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin. If you look at, a lot of those people that blew up and made 10 million really quick, it's because the year prior, they actually went in and proved out their systems. And then scaled hard with a sales closer team and a phone team, which is what I'm gonna do.


A lot more sales positions, a lot more money up front scenarios, so I don't have this happen again.


The very one at the bottom says: An Assistant. I don't even have an assistant. It's literally two of us that are full time. I have two content teams  and now, we're building an internal funnel-building team. Which is really exciting.


For me to increase my speed, I cannot be the only one building my funnels anymore.


So anyways, guys whatwhat I'm trying to say when I'm teaching you guys right here is like, there's a lot of entrepreneurs that fail at this part of it. This is where they die.


They will remain the solopreneur; they cannot build the team.


They don't know how to scale, they don't know how to put the systems in place. I am excited to crack that code. I will will win at it, and I'm really, really pumped about that.


Now the thing that's freaking me out, just so you guys know: major growth in my life has come from scenarios that I don't know how to solve but walk forward anyway.


I didn't know how to build a funnel the first time I told someone I'd build one. Was it lying? No, because I knew it was possible, and I knew I'd figure it out. So I youtubed like crazy, you guys.


I remember the first time I asked ClickFunnel support how to change background color inside the editor. Okay, seriously, you guys are way further ahead than I was when I started, okay?


I got to the Funnel Hacking Live event the first time with no money. I had to bootstrap my way there. That's a crazy move. That's a big bold move.


I created the original Two Comma Coaching Program and ran the FHAT Event, which is crazy. A lot of successful people came from that event. For me to say yes to that was a scary thing.


I had to replace Russell Brunson on stage for three straight days, That freaked the crap out of me. Yeah, I was excited but I was scared to be totally honest with you.


Leaving my job! WHAT? Okay, that's nuts.


And so what I've noticed is that I suck at willingly manifesting personal growth. I'm not good at it. Almost no one really is. 'Cause when we start feeling pain the natural inclination and all of our justifications say "Back off, Stephen, why you gonna feel that pain?"


What propels me forward, and what I've been trying to figure out is what the next absolutely freaky goal is? What’s the experience?


I have a hard time willing those kind of experiences into my life, anyone does.


Like, basic training. Man, I couldn't get out of that. Right, I couldn't get out of, and I did those things for that reason.


I did door to door sales because it scared the crap out of me, and I knew I'd learn like crazy in the middle of that environment.


I'm trying to find the next environment. You see what I'm saying?


My  goal is four million dollars. I know I'm gonna hit that. It's a goal, it's scary 'cause I've never hit it, but I know I'm going to. I know that this next year I'll probably have at least three Two Comma Club Awards.


...cause I got a lot of products that are in the hopper and they're all gonna tie together and reference each other, it's gonna be awesome.


BUT the thing that I'm trying to figure out is: How can I architect freaky big things and environments I can't get out of? And I don't know how else to do that except for a big goal that feels freaky to me that I've never done before.


And is it bigger than other people's? No. Some peoples are bigger than mine, I totally get that. But I'm on a journey and a comparison of me versus me. And to me, that scares the crap out of me.


I gotta build crap I've never built. I gotta build stuff I've never done. And I gotta push forward that way.


Anyways, what I'm saying is, the thing that I'm trying to figure out... Guys, this sounds so opposite. Completely opposite than what a rational individual would do.


I did not have an option when I left ClickFunnels, other than to make money work through funnels - because my back was against the wall, and I knew that. And that's one of the reasons I was doing it.


  • I could learn at a really slow pace by studying others, which is good to do for a while.
  • I could learn at a really slow pace by consuming tons of content, which is really good to do for a while, until you're trying to figure out what you want to do


BUT, then, I don't know another way except burning the boats.I voluntarily try to find ways to put my back against the wall and cut all options out.


For the last five, six years there's been a lot of scenarios like that. Bam, bam, bam.


I'm 30 years old, I don't want there to be too much comfort in what I do. My goal could freak me out, but I know I'm gonna hit it. I know I'm gonna hit it. So, what can I orchestrate in my life to make it where I don't have an option but to move forward?


...And that's the thing I've been trying to solve and it's really been freaking me out. I don't know how to solve that right yet. Because I don't wanna get comfy.


I'm not saying I'm not gonna go experience and have fun times doing a few things, you know what I mean? I'm gonna enjoy life, and I am a happy guy, but when it comes to personal growth and business and moving forward, frankly, I want to be big. And I know that…


Hopefully you guys know what you want? Don't be apologetic about it.


...But how can I orchestrate the next ridiculous scenario in my life where I don't have an option? Where I will figure it out, out of desperation.


Which sounds crazy. Almost a masochist, I promise I'm not. But you see what I'm saying?


I have never learned more about myself than in those scenarios. I've never learned to love me more than in those scenarios. I've never learned to fill in the blanks faster, with more aggression, applied aggression, good aggression, right, than in those scenarios.


So like, man, I left the job, right? And everyone talks about that, and okay, done.


I'm trying to figure out what the next freaky thing is? And I can't.


I think there's a combination of some physical aspect, so I've been saying like, “Man, sometime I'm gonna try and choke out Russell Brunson in jiu jitsu.” Which is freaking scary 'cause that dude's like, all-American killer. That's cool, but my back's not against the wall.


There's no scenario yet where my back's against the wall. My back's not against the wall yet for this years goal, which freaks me out.


Most entrepreneurs just glide into the night when they hit some kind of a phase like this and I don't wanna be that way.


That's the real thing. That actually freaks me out more than the four million. I know how to hit that. I know the processes and the systems. I know exactly what I'm building.

I'm almost done with my high-ticket thing that I've been building and putting together, and it's so awesome and there's nothing like it, and it comes from this perspective that has been very unique for me - because not many people do the stupid move I did by leaving my job.


Which is ultimately awesome, but you know what I mean?


Anyway, I'm really pumped about it, but I know I'm gonna hit that goal. I know exactly what my products are gonna be in my value ladder. I've got people building that stuff for me now.


My internal funnel-building team that I dream-lined out; I've already approached them, and they already said yes. Now I'm just gonna run through the process of it.


I'm gonna treat it just like I do my content team, so I'm gonna babysit it the first few funnel-builds to really document the system, and then keep moving forward. You know what I mean?


But like besides that, where's my next level of:  "Oh crap Stephen, can you do this” coming from? And that, my friends, has been one of the greatest accellerents to anything that I've done ever.


So I'm really pumped about it, but also scared to death 'cause I don't actually know the answers yet. I'll figure it out, and I'm gonna keep looking for it. It's exciting, exciting stuff.

So anyways guys, that's my goal.

  • I collected $850,000


  • I still have $156,000 too collect


  • I'm gonna do four million this next year.


Honestly ,I feel like I'll do four million this next year running at the pace that I am, but anyway. I know I think at least we'll do three; four is the stretch. Which again, freaks me out, but I see where to go for it. I'm pumped about it.


Watch how I'm launching my stuff moving forward to watch how I'm doing that. It's a balance between what I'm doing publicly and behind the scenes in my actual company. It's this next piece, though: How can I orchestrate a little bit more fear for me personally?


To be freaked out for the sake of: let's put your back against the wall and see what you're made of, Larsen? You know what I mean?


Anyway, so I'm psyched about this, guys. Thanks so much for sticking with me. It's a little bit of a longer episode, but I just want you to know that's my goal.


I challenge each one of you guys to post your goal publicly.


It’ll freak you out; it usually scares people. And a lot of the audience that is following you, that you might not even know about, even if you don't feel like you have a following, someone's watching you, they'll follow up with you. A lot of you guys did with me. They were like, "Stephen, you gotta hit the goal, man!" I'm like "I know, and I think I'm going to!" And I thought I was, and then I didn't freaking collect on some of it - “Dang it. Dang it man! Gosh!”


Anyway, whatever…


Thanks for following the journey. Appreciate it.




I challenge all of you guys to go in and post your goal, whether on the comments of this post or somewhere, but get open and real with what you want. Get unapologetic about it, and move forward. Because no one wants what you want more than you do. Stop waiting for permission.


Alright guys, see you later, bye!


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