SFR 193: My Internship Sales Letter...

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Nov 20, 201818m
SFR 193: My Internship Sales Letter...
Nov 20 '1818m
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Boom, what's going on everyone?

It's Steve Larsen, this is Sales Funnel Radio, and today I'm gonna teach you guys how to use the sales letters to go find good interns.

I've spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today, and now I've left my nine to five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business.

The real question is, how will I do it without VC funding or debt, completely from scratch? This podcast is here to give you the answer.

Join me and follow along as I learn, apply, and share marketing strategies to grow my online business using only today's best internet sales funnels.

My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.

What's up, guys? I'm excited for this!

Okay, so it's about a week, I don't know, a week and or two ago, we were looking at all the leads coming into our funnel.

Right now I've got anywhere from 500 to 1,500 opt-ins every week to see my webinar - that's where we are right now, that's where the numbers are shaking out.

What's interesting is the automation of the funnel itself is selling a percentage of those people, but there's a huge percentage of people who don't actually go buy because they have one last question. They need to talk to somebody.

And literally, the volume is just something I can't handle.

What was interesting is, we found out, we were looking at... I went to BYU Idaho...

They're not far away from here, they're like five and a half hours away from here...

We just found out that they added a sales program to their majors, right. You can actually go and get an emphasis in sales now, which is awesome, super cool - first undergrad I've ever heard to go do that.

So, turns out, they're having their career fair super fast, so we went to work. I opened up FunnelScripts, and I was like okay, a sale is a sale regardless if there's money involved, right?

I sell somebody on a movie I wanna to go see. I sell somebody on this is where I wanna go eat. I sell somebody, right? Sales is everywhere.

And honestly, if you're not getting what you want in life, it's because you're not a good salesman. It's true! I'm not talking about just for money. I'm talking about anything.

It's kind of funny, I went into FunnelScripts and I opened up the short sales letter script and I started filling it out all of the little pieces to sell a student to taking an internship with me.

I was like, “Hey, if we're getting 1,500 leads every single week, what can we do to get these people, if they just have one question left, how can we get them to come the rest of the way and actually purchase?"

So, what we did was, we went back to college. And we went to this career fair, and I decided, how cool would it be to use some direct response. You know, like the old school direct mail kind of principles, right?

I went through and I wrote a sales letter on yellow paper, right? And anyway, this is it.

So, I just wanna go through and I'm just gonna read this thing to you guys so you can see how persuasive this was - because the result was amazing. The result was incredible.

It was kinda funny at first to stand there. We actually brought this exact same set up that you see here if you guys are on YouTube:

We got the big Sales Funnel Radio paparazzi wall and that's what we put up.

We got this big banner made.

We made these Capitalist Pig T-shirts - that are going to be made available to anybody soon. I'm super excited about it.

People are PMing me like crazy. They say 'Capitalist Pig' on the front and its like a piggy bank and there's a dollar sign for the eyes. It says 'Capitalist Pig' and then on the back it says 'Sales Funnel Radio'. It's super cool!

Anyway, a lot of people were asking for 'em. So, we figured we might as well make 'em publicly available to all of you soon. It's not gonna be like a thing we have open forever, just gonna open and close kinda stuff just 'cause I'm not really in the T-shirt biz so, kinda when time permits, I'll sell that shirt and then not. Anyway, I'm excited though.

And we have an 'It's Monday Baby' shirt coming out soon.

Anyway, so we were wearing the Capitalist Pig shirts I should be wearing it now, that'd be kinda cool.

We had this setup, we had the high ticket sales banner here the Sales Funnel Radio thing, and the crown jewel of it all, in my opinion, was this script.

And what was cool about it is like this thing, I'm selling them to take an interview. I'm selling them to not just do the internship, but I just want them to go take the interview. I'm selling the next step in the process. Get on an interview. So this is what I did...

I went into FunnelScripts and literally an hour before it started, I was doing the One Funnel Away challenge stuff which, I know a lotta you guys are in... Anyway, that's over now. That first month, that's over now. I thank you guys so much for being a part of it, really appreciate it. But I was doing that...

And about thirty minutes prior to this career fair starting, I opened up Funnel Scripts and I was like, "Hey I'm gonna go and I'm gonna write a sales letter to get somebody to come fill these closer positions."

There's a lot of people out there that are already experts at it, but I thought it'd be kinda neat to go take some college students and do that. Which is super cool. Anyway, this is it:

"Attention graduating or interning BYUI students, get a paid internship, with on-the-go training which you'll actually use after you graduate."

'Cause like the headline right there, that's it right there. Just like I would in a webinar, right? "Attention audience, attention audience," and then a headline, "Get a paid internship with on-the-job training which you'll actually use after you graduate." Holy smokes, right? What do they want?

That's a promise of a paid internship with on-the-job training. And then what's the fear here? "Oh man, I'm not gonna actually use that when I graduate." No, you actually will use this if you graduate. If you know how to sell, you're gonna use that everywhere in your life, the rest of life.

And then I wrote it as if it was first person button lingo.

For buttons lotta times we'll use first person language. "Yes, give me Secret MLM Hacks. Yes, give me "insert product", whatever." So, I wrote it in that manner. "Yes," in quote marks:

"Yes, I'm ready to learn the one skill that makes me more valuable to the marketplace. A real skill that is transferable to any profession I end up in and keep control of my income." What? Thank you, FunnelScripts!

"I understand that when I act now I'll become a high-paid sales closer of the Sales Funnel Radio high-ticket closing position and get....," and here's my offer...I wrote an offer for the interns, it's an intern offer:

Number one: salary plus commission - We're paying 'em like eight bucks an hour just to keep them moving, right? And then we pay commission. We're the one paying for all the leads...

I'm the one serving up all the leads to 'em, so, anyway we give them 10% of whatever they close, at any price point.

Right now at the recording of this, I have products anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, and then $30,000 to $150,000 products. I'll give them 10% of whatever they close, I don't care. So, "salary plus commission."

Number two: A choice of part or full time. A choice of your own hours. A chance for full-time hire. A chance to learn on the job. An amazing reward program which we have - which is really cool.

"I also understand that when I act now I also get the top converting sales scripts in today's market."  - I'm just gonna write a sales script. I'm gonna use the four question close from Expert Secrets. That's what I'm gonna teach 'em on.


“Pre-qualified leads to set up for you.”

"Remote work available" - I'm trying to think if I was a student again, what was super frustrating to me? Working with hours... They're my target market, right? I'm just laughing at this, and the whole reason for this entire episode is because I want you to understand it doesn't matter who you're selling or what you're selling or who you're trying to convince, sales are involved.

The concept of offer creation the concept of sales letter writing is something that pays you wherever you go. I don't care what you're selling, or if there's even money involved with it. It will "pay you" whatever you want.

Basically, I said they get everything for free instead of the public price of $15,000, which is what it normally would be to the public at like a two or three-day event.

I'm gonna teach them one-on-one with a lot of this stuff to make sure that they're awesome closers, right?

"To your professional success Stephen Larson - interview for one of the three positions now."

Wait, there are three positions? Wait, there's scarcity and urgency... Right, it's the same principles throughout.

Anyway, there are a few other things inside here which are pretty awesome. But it's the same principles as you would any kinda sales letter.

What I did is I went through and I starting thinking through how I would, so I designed this banner the day before, and funny enough we were able to get it actually printed, which is awesome. But I just want to walk through the banner really quick here. Check this out, so I'm actually gonna unhook the camera. First time in Sales Funnel Radio history! Check this out, so it says:

"Sales Funnel Radio. 200K+ downloads." - By the way, that's cool. That just happened. 200,000 downloads of Sales Funnel Radio. Thank you very much by the way.

Big ol' picture, why? 'Cause I'm trying to add a little bit of authority in it and most people, they looked at the banner, they looked back at me, look at the banner, look back at me. Like, "That's you!" Like, "Yeah!"

I specifically created the marketing to get an intern so that it would offend the right people and attract the right people.

It's very key, so many people are apologetic in their marketing. Saying, "High-Ticket Sales" right there, big across the front, "High-Ticket Sales", right there. Guys, it's fascinating how many people that repelled. Good! Good! This thing did most of the work for us.

And then I went through and I started lacing out all of the benefits: rOh,

"Salary + commission", "part or full-time," "remote work," "reward program," "choose your own hours," "chance of full-time hire", "on the job training," "pre-qualified leads," right? "We just need more closers," right? That's what I say at the bottom there.

I said, "Apply here. There are only four positions available." I think on the sales letter it said three, but anyway, I don't really care. I just need scarcity and urgency and need 'em to be hungry.

Hunger is the thing I can never teach anybody. So I'm trying to farm out those who are hungry. Then, just like we would with a progress bar on a landing page or an application, I needed to do some kind of a progress bar.

So check this out, there's already a sense of fulfillment. I'm trying to give them a dopamine hit because they've already completed step one.

Right here, check this out:

Step number one, go apply.

Step number two, get the script, which I'm going to teach them, it's really simple.

Step number three, close the lead.

That's it, that's all they gotta do.

At the very bottom, I added testimonials to people I've trained in the past. Super cool! "Orlando. What's up, dude? Shout out to you." He said, "My highest gratitude to Steve when I started two weeks ago, I did $30,000 at my first presentation yesterday." It's a true story, super epic.

Another one from Angela Florence! "What's up? Shout out to you." Said, "I'm a quiet person, but when I went to Stephen's training I closed over 50% of my leads the first time ever trying."

So I went through and I just wanted people to understand this is a real thing. So let me just secure the camera again here. Bam! There we go.

What I want people to understand is if you want to do this, it's a script I'm gonna teach you. They're not cold leads, they're coming in and...

Anyway, so I'm excited about this and it's been really cool. And as a result in just a few hour period that we were there, we ended up getting, I think, 24 people asking. Two of them were an obvious "Absolutely Not," so we went down to 22. And then we've been following up and closing back and I think we're gonna grab six or seven of them, which is awesome.

So what we've been doing to the business now, and this is why this is making Sales Funnel Radio...

If I'm looking at the funnel, and I got more leads coming in then I can handle, this is an obvious, easy position to add in the back, people just closing other people, just pulling them on in:

"Hey, what's up? Hey, how's it going? Hey, hey, hey, hey." It's an obvious, very, very easy position to go fill. It's commission, and even then, eight bucks an hour.

If my course is a $1,000 or $1,500 you only gotta sell one, like, a month to pay for themselves. If they can't sell one a month, I guarantee ya, I'm not keeping them. It's just how it works if they're that bad.

It's not like they're cold leads. They're just following up with people who have already opted-in to get the info, right? They're literally answering the last final questions before someone buys.

Anyway, so it's very hard for me to not justify doing this. So what we've been doing is we've been going in and setting up the back-end systems. So when somebody comes in and they buy, or when somebody comes in and they're like, "Yeah, I need one or few more, one or two last questions set up before I go buy." We got these back-end systems that are being set up there:

We got a phone system, which is awesome. It's tracking all the stuff.

We use Zoho, Zoho is the CRM that I like to use, and it's simple, it's awesome, it's powerful. That phone system updates Zoho, the contact in there, with any updates.

On the  ClickFunnel side, we have an internal form for the sales agent to fill out when they're on the phone with the person, which gives the sales agent credit and then takes the sale and opens up all the marketing automation for anybody as if they bought straight off of the webinar.

So super cool, with very few adjustments. I truly think this is going to double the revenue because we're gonna have people who are actually getting their questions answered.

Now the one thing that I know that will kill the sale is if I educate the salesmen too much. They'll start talking their way out of the sale. Literally, talk their way out of the purchase. And so I'm being careful to just teach a script, not the product.

The point for any backend sales closer is not to teach the product, it's to get the sale. It's super fun, guys, I'm literally going in and I'm using the four question close. That's right from Expert Secrets, and I will tell you firsthand that's the script that ClickFunnels uses. That's exactly what Russell's high-ticket salesmen use as well.

So if you want to see what that is, by the way, you can:

Number one, go look at it inside of Expert Secrets, it's toward the back.

Number two, go to Affiliate Outrage, and Derek Wilson, the high-ticket closer at ClickFunnels right now - he's the man. He's using that script and if you go to Affiliate Outrage, he did a whole little mini-course for Affiliate Outrage for the community for free, just to show people a little bit more of what he does, and he walks through the script.

So that's what we're doing. That's exactly what I've been plugging in and it's been a whole bunch of fun. It's interesting what's happening to the business because of the possible new revenue.

So we've been going in and we're creating these new things in the back and in the front to capture more leads, capture more phone numbers, make it so all the systems are talking to each other and it's just full automation and super seamless. It's exciting. It's really fun.

So I thought it'd be kinda cool just to share with you what happened and it was honestly on a whim. I went and I slept on a kitchen floor of my brother. He lives over there on campus.

Colton went and found an old relation over there as well. Right, an old friend and it was super haphazard. We just showed up and we just did it and it was super fun. And we got a bunch of people asking.

I was shocked at the level of talent. Man, when I was in college, not long ago, there were not many people trying to do sales, and it was interesting to see how many people had already, not just wanted it, but there were a few students who knew they wanted it so bad they dropped all their classes and they were just they were just trying to find someone's product to sell.

I was like, what the heck. And there's a lot of them. I thought we'd get like two or three rock stars. It was actually the opposite. There was two or three that weren't rock stars and I was shocked about that.

So don't be afraid to grab some interns. Don't be afraid to add in a closer system, phone system at the end of your funnels. A lot of times, all you gotta do is change the selling environment, meaning take them off the Internet, close them right there and then.onestly, a lot of times I've seen people do that, they'll double their company.

I've seen a lot of inner-circle members do that. Adding in a high-ticket thing or adding in a phone person to close leads. Does that make sense?

So anyway, that's all I'm trying to help you guys understand.

As far as Sales Funnels go, that's the next place that my funnel is reaching out. The funnel, we're extending it to a phone closer scenario. That's how we found the closers. Those are the script we're using. Those are the systems we're using to plug in back and forth. It's been really epic and super excited about it. So I will keep you updated on how it's going, but we've got to college interns now. How freaking cool is this?

So with the content team, with the rest of us all in there, it has the potential to be like 15 people working on this thing now, it's like freaking awesome. Like legit, I should probably wear shoes sometimes.

Alright, thanks so much, if you enjoyed this episode, please go share it, please like it, please subscribe if you haven't. It really means a lot to me and it means a lot to the community.

Thank you so much again for over 200,000 downloads by the way. I almost get as many downloads a day as I did my very first month of the show. It's humbling for me to see that. It's humbling for me to see how far this has all come.

Anyway, the value that it's been able to be to everybody and myself as well and really mean it and very much just want to thank everybody.

Thanks so much for all you guys who came to OfferMind as well, that is definitely something I'll do again in the future, so you guys can figure out exactly the sales message and offer that the market is asking you to sell them. That's very key, and I know that will pop out another time. Just make sure you stay tuned and guys.

Thanks so much. I'll see ya. Bye.

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