Of Putinomics, Democratization, and Ksenia Sobchak – Russian Roulette Episode 42

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Oct 24, 20171h 5m
Of Putinomics, Democratization, and Ksenia Sobchak – Russian Roulette Episode 42
Oct 24 '171h 5m
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The latest episode of Russian Roulette tackles the Russian economy and the Russian polity, with a bit of space and Montenegro thrown in. Starting with a mailbag question about the Russian economy, Olya and Jeff sit down with Chris Miller, an Assistant Professor of International History at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, and the author of two books, The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy: Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the USSR and the forthcoming Putinomics: Power and Money in Resurgent Russia. The three discuss “What is Putinomics?” ask why the Russian economy hasn’t been able to reform, and compare Russia and China’s very different economic paths. Olya and Jeff then tackle two more mailbag questions, including one on the prospects for democratization in Russia and one on Montenegro. We end our show by introducing a new segment to Russian Roulette, where Olya and Jeff pick a Russia/Eurasia-related news story from the past two weeks and discuss its significance—in this case Ksenia Sobchak’s announcement that she will run for President of Russia.

To learn more about Chris, you can view his bio and recent publications, here: http://fletcher.tufts.edu/Research/Faculty-Profiles/Diplomacy-Foreign-Policy-and-International-Organizations/Miller. Be sure to keep an eye out for his forthcoming Putinomics: Power and Money in a Resurgent Russia, due in February 2018.

If you understand Russian, you can catch the Kukly episode we reference in our discussion, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of2AX_PQi-s&feature=youtu.be

Having answered some mailbag questions, we’re hungry for more! If you would like to have your question answered on the podcast, send it to us! Email rep@csis.org and put “Russian Roulette” in the subject line. If we choose your question, and you’ve included your Twitter handle, we’ll give you a Twitter shout-out when the episode with your question posts (or, if you want to stay anonymous, let us know). We look forward to hearing from you.

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