Retreating Stall: Aviation/Clinical Team Collapse: Part 2

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Nov 2, 201826m
Retreating Stall: Aviation/Clinical Team Collapse: Part 2
Nov 2 '1826m
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In this podcast episode, I have the privilege of doing a recap interview with Flight Nurse Robin House and Flight Paramedic Shane Turner from Life Force Air Medical at Erlanger who delivered the Keynote presentation at #ECHONooga.


Why are we accepting mediocre performance in an extraordinary-consequence environment? Do you have to be a manager to fix it? The answer is no. We use the rotor-wing phenomenon of Retreating Stall as an analogy for a check up on team health. Utilizing audience participation, real life examples, and role playing will enable participants to recognize, target, and repair poor team dynamics. It’s time to do work. 

  1. Understand Retreating Stall as an analogy for organizational illness, specifically related to rotor wing crews.
  1. Identify signs and symptoms your team is weak.
  2. List examples of how we miss the mark as HROs.
  3. How to recover from the organizational stall using practical applications.
  4. Identify informal and embedded leadership methods to toughen teams.

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