#36: Amin Elhassan

Episode of: Roast Battle

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Feb 28, 201958m
#36: Amin Elhassan
Feb 28 '1958m
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WARNING: This podcast is not for the easily offended or faint of heart.

One of Roast Battle's biggest fans Amin Elhassan is on the podcast this week. Former NBA talent scout and famed ESPN sports analysts, Amin has been hanging around the Roast Battle scene for a few years now. To end Black History Month, we touch on topics from the NFL protests to the LGBTQ community's infatuation with the show.  

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Berenice Ashikian vs. Russell Ells
Movses Shakarian (@MovsesShakarian) vs. Joe Eurell (@joe_eurell)
Zach Stein (@hack_stein) vs. Armando Torres (@MandoDoesStuff)

Brian Moses @racebanning
Coach Tea @coach_tea
Pat Barker @patbarkercomedy

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