Was Melody Rules 'The Worst Sitcom Ever Made'?!

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Mar 8, 20199m
Was Melody Rules 'The Worst Sitcom Ever Made'?!
Mar 89m
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The homegrown comedy 'Melody Rules' that came out on TV3 in the 1990s has been panned as one of the worst sitcoms ever made. The critics called it cringeworthy, atrocious, awful, and a disaster in reviews, and the whole experience proved so traumatic that some actors fled overseas to escape the embarrassment! Now 'Melody Rules' gets a post mortem 25 years on with one of the show's original writers. In 'The Worst Sitcom Ever Made', Geoff Houtman tracks down more than 20 of the cast and crew to find out where it all went wrong and how the failure's affected them since And you can listen to the show on RNZ's Nights after the 9pm news each Wednesday from Wednesday 13th March, at rnz.co.nz, or wherever you get your podcasts if you search for 'The Worst Sitcom Ever Made'.

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