Stories of the night: Nocturne

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Sep 15, 201815m
Stories of the night: Nocturne
Sep 15 '1815m
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A nocturne is a piece of music that's inspired by, or which evokes, the night. It's also the name of a podcast I've been enjoying recently. Nocturne is made by the independent American audio producer Vanessa Lowe, who's intrigued by how people and places change as day turns into night. We play excerpts from a couple of her recent stories. 'Blackfish' is all about a Cornish fisherman called Malcolm Saunders who does some of his best work at night, fishing off the coast of the south west of England. Meanwhile, if you've ever stayed somewhere without power, or just turned off the lights at night so you can light a few candles and enjoy the way it makes the room look different, then you might appreciate 'Candle Hour'. It's the story of writer and journalist Julia Scott who was finding that technology use and 24/7 access to often negative news stories wasn't the best preparation for bed. So she thought back to the power cuts and snow storms in her childhood in Canada decades before, and started a relaxing ritual before bed.

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