Quake safe? Surviving The Big One

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Feb 8, 201918m
Quake safe? Surviving The Big One
Feb 818m
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Sooner or later 'The 'Big One'- a 7.8 magnitude earthquake- is going to hit Los Angeles and Southen California. In fact, there's a 50:50 chance this is going to happen in the next 30 years. When it does, hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people will lose their lives, and the damage bill could approach US$300 billion. Hearing about big earthquakes here in New Zealand and elsewhere made the Southern California public radio station KPCC think about how ready its local community really was for a natural disaster. And its series 'The Big One' tries to picture what might happen after a big LA quake. and what you'll need to do to survive. We speak to Jacob Margolis who presents the show and play some of episode 2 called 'The Walk'.

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