How tech is shaping our lives: The Digital Human

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Sep 22, 201811m
How tech is shaping our lives: The Digital Human
Sep 22 '1811m
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'The Digital Human' explores our sometimes troubled relationship with technology, and how it's changing our lives. In each episode a one word topic (for example Echo, Secrets, Memory, Isolation, Chance) gets explored. And its host, the writer and academic Aleks Krotoski, weaves together personal stories, history, and analysis, with a smart script. There's 80-odd episodes to choose from, with a new 15th season starting in a few days. We play excerpts from 'Friction', which looks at what could be lost in our seemingly endless quest for a care-free, friction-less life. Meanwhile, 'Sin-eaters' looks at the life of the content moderator; they're the people responsible for looking at some of the most horrible stuff on the internet so that we don't have to. But at what cost to them and their lives? Friction and Sin-eaters from the BBC's The Digital Human are presented by Aleks Krotoski and produced by Peter McManus for BBC Radio 4.

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