The Panel with Sue Bradford and Stephen Franks (Part 2)

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May 9, 201927m
The Panel with Sue Bradford and Stephen Franks (Part 2)
May 9 '1927m
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Auckland Transport is considering a number of ideas to boost public transport patronage, including free travel on weekends, cheaper ferry rides, and bigger students discounts. Many of these ideas have been floated by group Generation Zero, spokesperson Leroy Beckett explains how they might work. A new study has found the effect social media has on children's happiness is "trivial". The UK researchers looked at 12,000 adolescents and discovered that while the effects of time spent on social media were more wide-ranging for girls, that effect is quote "tiny". AUT lecturer Kate Jones tells us what she's discovered in her work with children and social media. A traveller wants to see prunes handed out on Air NZ flights rather than lollies. The man argues it would "clean eating and healthy digestion", but many say he's forgetting that lollies help passengers equalise their ears during the planes descent. The panelists weigh in on if the sweets should be ditched.

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