The Panel with Niki Bezzant and Bill Ralston (Part 2)

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Aug 15, 201925m
The Panel with Niki Bezzant and Bill Ralston (Part 2)
Aug 1525m
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The IPCC says we must reduce food waste to help combat climate change. What are your best tips for reducing food waste? Food, or housing? We only have a finite amount of land in Aotearoa - and we have to use it to feed people and to house people. But which should take precedence? Economist Kirden Lees joins us to talk it over. Waikato University professor Al Gillespie joins the panel to explain exactly what's going on in Kashmir, and whether an equitable solution is possible. Are women really better at Multi-tasking? But some new research out of Aachen University in Germany has found there is in fact NO evidence to support the claim. Stockholm resident Eva Jarlsdotter has written an article for the mail with one simple piece of advice: for a happy life, run your family like a business.

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