Covid-19: What pandemic declaration means for insurance

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Mar 11, 20200m
Covid-19: What pandemic declaration means for insurance
Mar 110m
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We've checked this morning to find out what the pandemic announcement means for those travelling overseas. Most travel insurance companies don't provide cover for known epidemics or pandemics - and they have had restrictions around Covid-19 since the end of January. That means you can't insure yourself against Covid-19 now, but the Insurance Council says people who had purchased their insurance before the end of January, you could still be eligible for cover. It says if people want to change their travel plans, they should speak to their insurer first because the policies don't cover a change of heart. If you do travel - it recommends keeping up to date with the news, and following and SafeTravel advisories, and advice from the World Health Organisation and/or the Ministry of Health. The Insurance Counsel says it's expecting companies will review their policies today.

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