Coronavirus: Entire high school treated as close contacts

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Mar 24, 20201m
Coronavirus: Entire high school treated as close contacts
Mar 241m
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Worried parents from an Auckland secondary school are trying to work out how to best isolate their children after the whole school was declared closed because of coronavirus. There are now four confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Marist College in Mount Albert. Because of the high number, health authorities said all of the roughly 750 students and the teachers and staff must be treated as close contacts. A parent and board member, former RNZ journalist Mihingarangi Forbes, says parents are trying to find out how to make isolation work while the rest of the family is in lockdown. In a letter to parents the school says being a close contact does not mean their children will necessarily contract Covid-19 but they need to take precautions. Forbes says it's a stressful time and she is sending aroha to the whole school community.

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