River-The Joni Letters

River-The Joni Letters

Published by: Herbie Hancock
6 Episodes | First Released: Dec 14 '07
Dec 28 '07
Rating:   10
Sheer Excellance!

Herbie Hancock is one very special genius like his masterpiece composition Camelion he has always adapted and changed to groove outside the box.

River The Joni Letters podcasts are an awesome way to hear HH share his thinking and methods especially on this stellar work.

River The Joni Letters Herbie uses incredible talent through these unique compositions reflecting the raw power of Joni Mitchells story telling lyrics and Herbie Hancocks awesome musicians undergirding them with the most powerful, yet soft, soothing, jazz I have heard to date.

Herbie has even outdone himself on this project, I know we can expect alot more incredible music from a true master...... Herbie deserves 100 stars for the way he delivers his talent to a very thirsty world, Thanks I-tunes and HH for alowing us to enter in with these great podcasts.

Very Grateful
Walter Santos
San Diego, CA

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