Ep 34 - 2nd Show!

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Jan 6, 20171h 5m
Ep 34 - 2nd Show!
Jan 6 '171h 5m
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So we are bringing you two shows a week now! We will drop them every Friday from here on out! Of course we are discussing our trip south to look at RV candidate #3 in Pawley's Island SC. Some shit goes down on the way of course, we lose a mirror, dodge a curb hopper, and whip a bitch in the Hwy, but the Dimension Shifter made it back with only a couple of hiccups. The Shadetree boys rolled down from Jacksonville and we killed pizza and beers! We bring you some Boston to rock to and get ready Milwaukee, we are coming! Visit Mama Tried Show and Those Once Loyal and always check out The JP Rodman Show

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