Feb 10, 20161h 7m | se8 : e18
RHLSTP 99 - Cariad Lloyd
Feb 10 '161h 7m | se8e18
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RHLSTP #99: Cariad Lloyd - I Fucked Jane Austen's Corpse. Richard is exhausted again because of his stupid, idiot daughter, but at least she's given him the excuse to finally get to have a go at soft play. He's got 99 problems, but his 99th guest isn't one, it's the multi-talented actor and improviser, Cariad Lloyd. There's another dissection of the short film Hallo Panda which Richard once again promises to watch, even though he clearly won't, plus find out what it's like to be a fan working on Peep Show, the abrasive character of genius improviser Ken Campbell, how George Osborne comes to Fringe shows in the hope of getting pencils, how Cariad very nearly destroyed the marriage of David Bowie, and what connects Taylor Swift and the tax on tampons. Plus there's some more serious chat about whether the BBC can survive (don't worry, they're not watching) and some less serious chat about how much it would cost to employ a successful comedy actor as a Christmas elf (as well as the danger of working with Santas who've been in James Bond films). Check out Austentatious if you get the chance: austentatiousimpro.com - It is totally brilliant.


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