May 2, 20141h 40m | se5 : e10
RHLSTP 43 - Susan Calman
May 2 '141h 40m | se5e10
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RHLSTP #43: Susan Calman - Helen Mirren Mask. Richard is still a bit giddy and over-excited from meeting Harry Shearer and, after being on his best behaviour for 75 minutes, is now off the leash and at his most childish and pathetic. And who dares walk into this hurricane of smut? Only Susan Calman... who feels, possibly correctly, that she isn't being given the respect of the previous guest. Find out how one of the tallest comedians in the UK snuck one of the smallest into a party, how Richard is planning to win the Gay Celebrity of the Year 2015, who has the tiniest hands in comedy, and if you watch the video you'll get to see the ultimate guide to fingering. In spite of Richard offending the Scottish, the Chinese and Susan's dead grandma, there's no real danger of Richard 'doing a Merchant' and somehow they manage to steer the puerile conversation towards depression and Section 28. Plus which celebrity would you like to stroke your hair as you die? And more on the proposed Edinburgh Fringe show where Rich and Susan are forced to have sex with each other, against both of their wills.


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