May 10, 201854m | se13 : e14
RHLSTP 178 - Sophie Willan
May 10 '1854m | se13e14
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RHLSTP #178: Sophie Willan - How To Twerk. Richard is marvelling about a new interpretative dance based on 'All You Need Is Love' but soon he will be dancing himself with brilliant new comedian and writer, Sophie Willan. They talk about how a trip to Ibiza with your techno-loving gran can ignite a love of theatre; what Rylan is like in real life; the therapeutic nature of stand-up (and whether it's healthy to work things through on stage); the intersection between madness and comedy; growing up in and out of care; thinking Richard Ashcroft is your dad; and why comedy and theatre are so middle class. Plus is it always best to be in a monogamous relationship; and how much is comedy like sex work? If you've seen Richard dancing, then not very much.


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