Jul 5, 20171h 16m | se11 : e4
RHLSTP 138 - Adam Buxton
Jul 5 '171h 16m | se11e4
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RHLSTP #138: Adam Buxton - How Short Are You That You Can Not Reach? Richard has been gifted an almost free Twirl by the Universe. But has he been moral, immoral or amoral? To help us find out, the first ever three times returning guest on the podcast and multi-award winning podcaster, Adam Buxton. The pair discuss middle-aged confrontations and why the staff at WH Smiths in Cambridge station are maybe overzealous, how Adam appeared like a guardian angel when Richard was in trouble and telepathically summoned him, terror of mortality, what to name a dog, the frustrations of being considered small in stature, what it's like to play a head in a box, how to keep your family alive when everyone expects podcasts to be free, plus a musical finale, which has maybe come a couple of decades too late.


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