RHLSTP 125 - Ed Gamble
Dec 7 '161h 30m | se10e9
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RHLSTP #125: Ed Gamble - Harry Potter Trivial Pursuits. Rich finds a woman in the audience who doesn't seem to know where she is, who he is or understand the concept of remembering. She continues to be bamboozled throughout the show. And perhaps with reason, as this chat with pretend aristocrat and real diabetic Ed Gamble takes some odd turns. In one of the giddiest podcasts for quite some time Richard tries out a lot of new emergency questions which prompt discussions about the sleeping habits of gametes, the dangers of falling into a river, an impression of Buzz Nigeria and whether asking someone if they're tried sashima is an acceptable question. A nuclear physicist is on hand to discuss the chemistry of jumping into a pool of something and Ed has to decide if he'd save Rich from crucifixion. There's also some chat about Mock The Week, Drunk History and how this whole podcast is very much a practice for interviewing a more famous guest. And a quiz about retailers leads to the invention of an exciting new board game. And we see the unwelcome return of Victorian idiot, Ally.


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