Wells Comedy Festival special: Bec Hill

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May 31, 20171h 6m
Wells Comedy Festival special: Bec Hill
May 31 '171h 6m
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Wells Comedy Festival Extra: Bec Hill - Passing The Baton. Rich has risked the wrath of everyone in his home town of Cheddar by travelling beyond the horizon to Wells, where the crazy people dwell, and doing a special podcast for the inhabitants. But don't worry Cheddar - he mocks the Wells insane asylum dwellers and won't let them get away with being called a city. He is armed with a copy, fresh off the presses of the new Emergency Questions book, which will be winging its way to kickstarter backers imminently and be available to buy at gigs and (very soon) from www.gofasterstripe.com. His guest is Australian exponent of the Japanese storytelling technique of Kamishibai, [citation needed] Bec Hill. They discuss what it is like to be married on stage (not to each other); unpleasant experiences with toilet rolls; and the strange way we allow a stranger with an X-Ray machine to focus; Adelaide's tallest building; being halfway somewhere; and find out if Bec has ever irked a postman. Plus some big news for Rich, inevitably sullied by inappropriate chat about genitalia.


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