Spike Sligo Festival special: Sofie Hagen

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Apr 15, 20151h 25m
Spike Sligo Festival special: Sofie Hagen
Apr 15 '151h 25m
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RHLSTPBATSSII with Sofie Hagen - An Abundance of Shells. A surprise bonus RHLSTP recorded at the Spike Sligo Festival in West Ireland to a tiny, but enthusiastic crowd. And the guest is the up-and-coming Danish comedian Sofie Hagen. The pair discuss Richard's new baby and the fear that she might be killed by a stalactite of urine, foolish one night stands, more audacious terrorist plots and fandom of Sligo's most famous export Westlife. The small audience encourage both comedians to be as inappropriate as possible. Sorry if the balance is a bit off, but since I've had a baby I really hate audiophiles more than ever.


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