Dec 10, 20151h 12m | se8 : e9
RHLSTP 90 - Eddie Izzard
Dec 10 '151h 12m | se8e9
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RHLSTP #90: Eddie Izzard - Magic Ian's Nephew. Richard is unnecessarily unpleasant to someone in the audience (what's new?) before quickly bringing on a man with a drive that burgeons on insanity, but it's the good kind of insanity, Eddie Izzard. It's an unsurprisingly sprawling but incredible conversation that takes us through why God doesn't reveal himself, through the clumsy religious allegories of CS Lewis, through what kind of madness would make a man run 43 Marathons in 51 days, how to pronounce Calippo, how Eddie would have fared in the army, his political ambitions and philosophy, performing in languages that you were recently unable to speak, the short-sighted nature of the Ocean's Eleven franchise, the years of struggling to make it (with some great stories about his street theatre days) and why the world needs to come together and give everyone hope. It's electrifying and inspirational and Richard hardly says anything (because he's not an idiot who is going to waste this opportunity). It's just a proper treat so stop reading this and ingest it NOW!


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