Aug 27, 20151h 24m | se7 : e12
RHLSTP 75 - Jessica Hynes
Aug 27 '151h 24m | se7e12
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RHLSTP #75: A Child's Drawing of the Enola Gay. Richard rewards an audience member for his Top Cat like trick of never having to buy a poppy again and then introduces his guest, a woman who has tried out more different names than eskimos have for snow, it's Jessica Hynes. What's it like working with Pudsey? Who was in Six Pairs of Pants? Why did Jessica sleep in an abandoned children's home? Is there a God or just a hand chucking things up? Is the talc dispensing tit the safer option? Who would rule on an island of King Richards? Find out about the horrendous ant massacres perpetuated by a young Richard Herring and why refusing to cut your hair or put on a bikini can be bad for your career.


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