RHLSTP 63 - Stewart Lee (TMWRNJ Special)

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Feb 11, 20151h 19m | se6 : e18
RHLSTP 63 - Stewart Lee (TMWRNJ Special)
Feb 11 '151h 19m | se6e18
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RHLSTP # 63: Stewart Lee - This Morning With Richard and Nick. Richard is joined by his erstwhile partner Stewart Lee to chat about This Morning With Richard Not Judy. Stew discovers that there was nearly a very different host, they chat about the Edinburgh Fringe genesis of the idea and how they managed to give away a car, the terrible fate of Histor and Pliny, how ice and gas played a part on the stand-up circuit and the Rod Hull sketches that never were. They are then joined by Paul 'Curious Orange' Putner and Trevor 'Small-Face' Lock to chat about the gravity behind the gravity sketch and how Mark E Smith responded to the Curious Orange. The stink of the past hangs over the occasion like a fetid cloak made of carrion.


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