Nov 26, 20141h 5m | se6 : e8
RHLSTP 53 - Rebecca Front
Nov 26 '141h 5m | se6e8
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RHLSTP #53: Rebecca Front. Richard is very excited about his Nostradamus-like abilities to predict the future and makes another audacious claim about future-tech. Only time will tell if he is right again. His guest is the ubiquitous and claustrophobic Rebecca Front, a woman who has appeared in all manner of award-winning TV and Radio roles, but never, it seems, if Richard has been involved in the production too. You'll discover the confusion that can be caused by a mistimed fan shouting out one of your catchphrases, what Patrick Marber is really like to work with, how Morse will never be allowed to die and what happened when Lauren Bacall ate one of her husband's chips. Rich is embarrassed to ask his usual stupid, sexual questions to someone he considers to be purer than the Virgin Mary, especially when her 15 year-old son is in the audience. But he still asks them. Because he is trapped in a nightmare of his own making that he can't escape. And was 'You Can Choose Your Friends' one of the great lost TV series or the worst thing ever to be on television (according to the Evening Standard)? Judge for yourselves here:


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