Nov 12, 20141h 24m | se6 : e6
RHLSTP 51 - Sara Pascoe
Nov 12 '141h 24m | se6e6
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RHLSTP #51: Sara Pascoe - Kamikaze Sperm. Even though eight days have passed since the Half-Marathon, Richard still aches like it was all just yesterday. But he will soon forget his woes when he chats to the great-grandaughter of music writer Rosa Newmarch (and you never know who her great-grandfather might have been), Sara Pascoe. In what is one of Rich's favourite ever RHLSTPs the chat encompasses whether a vegan can eat a ham hand, how a six foot tall penis man would cope with his terrible life, what it's like to be part of a younger generation of comedians who are about to storm the comedy citadel and claim their rightful crown, and why there should be more women on Would I Lie To You?. Sara and Richard chat about how they fell in love (with other people) as their significant others possibly get together in the darkness of the auditorium.


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