Mar 28, 20141h 6m | se5 : e5
RHLSTP 38 - Alexei Sayle
Mar 28 '141h 6m | se5e5
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RHLSTP #38: Alexei Sayle - Mouse Killing Alarm Clock. Richard has a pus-filled finger, which is disgusting even in audio, but that doesn't stop the people at Dirtybritcom Confessions pretending to fantasise about him. His guest recently referred to him as one of his 'comedy children', but let's see how far his paternal feelings will stretch, it's the legendary Alexei Sayle. They chat about being expelled from school, why Guildford is funnier than Hatfield, getting Christmas cards from a man who has played chess with death, Keith Allen using his audience as a dartboard (and getting his cock out a lot), why Alexei's cat can never hope to play Sherlock and how his mum can't tell him from a rubber dwarf.


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