Mar 14, 20181h 2m | se13 : e6
RHLSTP 170 - Jess Phillips
Mar 14 '181h 2m | se13e6
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RHLSTP #170: Jess Phillips - Jeremy Corbyn's Salad Sandwich. Rich's daughter seems to be on her way to a mediocre career in comedy and he could not be more proud, but he doesn't have time to show off too much as RHLSTP is welcoming its second member of parliament, Jess Phillips. There's chat about the positive side of Brexit, the impressive thing about UKIP, why the left wing are at a disadvantage when it comes to changing things, why International Men's Day is not advancing the cause of men, the disappointing representation of lifts in popular movies, the truth about whether Jess told Diane Abbott to f*** off and whether it's best to have kids young or old. Also who is the sexiest Tory MP? Plus how safe are our elected representatives, and are MPs as bad as everyone makes out? And Rich announces his intention to stand for parliament.


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