Nov 30, 20161h 24m | se10 : e8
RHLSTP 124 - Chris Addison
Nov 30 '161h 24m | se10e8
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RHLSTP #124: Chris Addison - Cut Up By Prince Phillip. Rich discovers that someone from US TV is in the audience and considers sending the guest home so he can audition for a stand-up special, but Chris Addison is backstage and it would be rude to do that after he's bothered to come in. The pair chat about Wikipedia-based factual inaccuracies, the true story of how Chris was nearly Doctor Who, the technical realities of sewing people together anus to mouth, some thoughtful exposition about a world with realistic robots, whether opera is obviously shit or if it's actually good, why American TV produces the results that the UK seemingly can't, as well as having a smack down between the average Herring and Addison fans. And can Rich Columbo Chris at the end? Product placement courtesy of - seriously, check out the guy doing the song about how to play the game. It's magic!


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