Nov 2, 201659m | se10 : e4
RHLSTP 120 - Caitlin Moran
Nov 2 '1659m | se10e4
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RHLSTP #120: Caitlin Moran - Cheese Lollipops. Richard has been filming the Kickstarter extra where he interviews his ventriloquist dummy Ally, and the 125 year-old terrifying monstrosity at the centre of a possible sex crime is introduced to the crowd. Richard's guest is the home-schooled, Benedict Cumberbatch botherer, Caitlin Moran. Caitlin discusses her ambitious plans to kickstart the cancelled yet award-winning Raised By Wolves (, (the show has been bumped up in the schedule so apologies for any minor disruptions of running jokes), how she nearly broke into Kate Moss' house, why you shouldn't give an 18 year-old a TV show, possibly the most unconvincing ghost story so far, and how she used numerology to help her choose her name. Ally has a question about feminism that is very offensive, but you have to remember that he is from another time.


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