Aug 3, 20161h 4m | se9 : e8
RHLSTP 108 - Susie Dent
Aug 3 '161h 4m | se9e8
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RHLSTP #108 Cheg On! Susie Dent. Rich is surprised by the sartorial elegance of some of his audience. Being out of Europe is clearly paying dividends. His guest this week is a woman who has been on TV more consistently than possibly anyone else over the last 25 years, Susie Dent. It's more intellectual than usual, but there's plenty of stuff about cocks in it, so don't worry. Find out about the rudest words in the dictionary, the cruder rival to Doctor Johnson, plus Rich attempts to get some words added to the dictionary, partly so he can cheat at Scrabble. Lots of chat about quizzing and TV gameshows as always, plus the advantages of going to bed with a lexicographer, and Richard reveals a bit too much about his latest obsession with Rebecca from CBeebies. Plus news of how England did in the last 16 of the Euros! You will be the first to hear.


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