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RHLSTP 101 - Iain Lee
Jun 15 '161h 19m | se9e1
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RHLSTP #101: Weeing Next to a Monkee: Iain Lee. Richard is back (in his weightier incarnation) and has forgotten how to do this, but is excited about the possibilities of growing body parts in pigs, but worried about the implications of penis transplants, so it's business as usual, but with some new (but the same) emergency questions. His guest is the Wild Man of radio (and must always be referred to as such), Iain Lee. The pair discuss the pointless 17 year grudge that has hung over them, their mutual envy and the disastrous filmed meeting in 2001 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dakeVejvR3I), but they are united by their relative lack of success compared to their nineties contemporaries and after all this time attempt to heal the rift betwixt them. In an attempt to fill in Iain's early life on Wikipedia they discuss the perils of going to a school named after William Herschel, what it was like living in the town where Buddy's Song was filmed, and how to embarrass yourself in front of Roger Daltry. Richard tries to steer the Monkees-based conversation towards Metal Mickey (no doubt to discuss if it would be cheating to have sex with him), but Lee skilfully swerves and ends up talking about Monkey instead. There is also a frank discussion about whether the BBC were right or clearly wrong to sack Lee and the effects this had on his career and psyche. Good to be back.


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