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RHLSTP 100 - Richard Bacon
Feb 17 '161h 22m | se8e19
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RHLSTP #100: Richard Bacon - A Series of Apologies. It's the 100th Leicester Square Theatre Podcast and the last in this series, so we've flown a special guest in all the way from America at the licence fee payer's expense, it's Blue Peter's bad boy, Richard Bacon. And in typical fashion he turns up at the theatre having been out all night celebrating his imminent 40th birthday. Where does he get his energy from?... oh right. Find out about how he once cried salty tears on to Mansfield McDonald's salty gherkins, how he became Top Of The Pop's most notorious ever presenter by accidentally calling some people fat, why he has been banned from the state opening of parliament, how he took a forgetful plate-spinner to Las Vegas, what he knows about the Tales of Robin Hood, what part of his anatomy (other than his mouth and nose) he can breathe out of, and why this gives him another kinship with Herring on top of his Dicky first name and food-based surname. Plus what he REALLY thinks of Una Stubbs (he thinks she's nice). And he gives himself something else to apologise for in a lifetime of apology. He's a very entertaining and lovely idiot, but as you'll see, it's all down to genetics. Hard to believe his one attempt at stand up-ended so badly. If you think these 100 podcasts have been worth 1p each, why not donate a pound here: rhlstp.co.uk. Feel free to give more if you like or to donate monthly. We'll use all your money to make even more stuff like this.


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